Refining Nature To Advance
Science and Improve Human Health

Refining Nature To Advance Science and Improve Human Health

Refining Nature To Advance Science and Improve Human Health

Phythera Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company leveraging the power of natural compounds to modulate key biological pathways in cancer and tissue regeneration to improve human health.

Who We Are

Phythera Therapeutics, Inc. was started to test, develop and improve promising metastatic cancer herbal medications. Many small bioactive phyto-molecules used in biomedicine have been derived from plants (hence –Phythera Therapeutics). We see the potential of these medicines carrying a cocktail of many small bioactive molecules to substantially improve the treatment of cancer, either as an auxiliary or even as the main treatment method.


“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cancer is the #2 leading causes of death in the United States and in the Top 10, according to World Health Organization. I am excited  and honored to be a part of a company such as Phythera Therapeutics to pioneer revolutionary solutions to treat, control or cure cancer. We have an amazing team of experienced, like-minded individuals collaborating together to impact change.  If we can harness the power of nature to create medicine holistically without bankrupting people in the process of their healing from cancer treatments, we will empower the human race for a better tomorrow together. Bankruptcy statistics in the U.S.A. are real, 66% of American Bankruptcies are linked to medical issues, how do we provide solutions to cancer treatment that will have a positive impact on people’s financial future and not bankrupt them? I believe Phythera Therapeutics is a game changer and will impact how the world views holistic cancer treatments and cures, bridging the gap between medicine and finances. “

Ngoc T. Tran, CPA

Chief Marketing Officer, Treasurer

“I believe Phythera has an excellent chance of success as it seeks to commercialize a plant-based medicinal to treat cancers which already has a history of utility in patients, but has not been commercialized. Phythera has put together an excellent team paving the way to potentially bring this and future medical products to the marketplace”.

Hal Sternberg, PhD

Vice President, Research & Development

“Nature has provided many effective drugs which are saving lives today. They usually started from plant extracts. The development pathway for these was to purify the single most effective molecule from a medicinal extract and to duplicate it by chemical synthesis, if economical. This was consistent with regulatory practices for drugs that were focused on single chemicals. However, the ensemble of different chemicals provided by Nature in the plant extract may actually be more effective in fighting cancer than a single isolated chemical. What is so exciting is that new regulations now provide a pathway to develop plant-derived ensembles of compounds as botanical drugs. This pathway has not yet been fully mastered by industry, but neither was the area of cell replacement therapy when I started developing the product that was eventually on-licensed to pharma. We want to take advantage of the botanical drug regulatory pathway to develop a new approach to the treatment of metastatic cancers.”

Charles Irving, PhD

President, Chief Development Officer, Co-Founder

“I am excited to bring my expertise in research and diagnostics to Phythera. One of the most challenging aspects of any therapy is the accurate diagnosis of early treatment response that can range from differentiation to the complete pathologic response. Frequently, therapy-induced massive immune response to the tumor may obscure imaging interpretation, underscoring the need for circulating tumor DNA and biopsy-based progress monitoring.“

Dmitri Kapitonov, DO, PHD, DABCC

Chief Medical Officer

“This company is a next logical step in my career and I am excited about Phythera’s potential to develop new treatments for people who really need them. I’ve been using small-molecule drugs for 20 years to modulate pathways in stem and progenitor cells and became convinced about the tremendous potential of small molecules for therapeutics. Botanical drugs are exactly that a cocktail of potent small molecules inhibitors or/and agonists of multiple pathways in any cells, including and especially cancer stem cells and metastatic cancer cells. These cells share many similarities with stem cells and progenitors (poorly differentiated precursors of cell lineages). We are excited about the potential of our botanical-based drug candidates we currently have in our pipeline to treat metastatic cancers. We built an exceptional team to solve the tasks we have and I look forward to quick progress with bringing some of our drug candidates to IND and clinical trials.”

Igor O. Nasokin PHD

CEO & Co-Founder

What We Do

We leverage our expertise in 3D cell biology and transcriptomics to test the small molecule compounds to define and improve their efficacy in 3D tissue model systems, either as a single compound or as a combination of several most potent small molecule drugs. The 3D biology (organoids) provides a wealth of information about in vivo biology, which the 2D conventional approaches may not provide, and are the most relevant models for testing novel drugs.

During the in vitro safety and efficacy testing of MetPhyte TM in several human metastatic cancer cell models and normal control human cells, MetPhyte TM Plus formulation was developed, which has greater potency and robust safety. Both formulations will continue to be tested in cell lines and in vivo.